Welcome to Tub Tim Thai Restaurant, centrally located in quiet, charming downtown Skokie. Close to shopping and theaters and well worth a trip into an adventure of authentic Thai dining at its finest. Serving residents of Skokie and Chicago-land since its opening in August 2005, Tub Tim Thai has quickly gained a devoted following.

At first glance, the menu seems to offer the usual Thai fare--Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, beef salad, etc. All the standard Thai fare is featured here and done superbly but if you're looking for a taste of truly authentic Thai cuisine, look no further. Tub Tim Thai features many regional dishes previously offered only in Thailand and invites you to delight in them all.

A family-owned establishment exuding charm and coziness with an ever helpful waitstaff ready to offer guidance and information to any novices of Thai cuisine, you are instantly assured your selections will be made to your liking. From the moment you enter, you are welcomed into a world of peace and tranquility, from the simple Zen-like bamboo stems on each dining table to the beautiful, modern porcelain plates each dish is presented on.

"Tub Tim" means a ruby in Thai and it is truly that, a glorious gem in the sea of vast Thai restaurants in a city that loves its ethnic cuisines. In this case, however, Tub Tim is in honor of the chef's mother, a woman whose cooking is beloved and respected in her homeland, a woman whose cooking brings together people from her community and temple to share and rejoice. As a homage to his mother, the chef has now taken his 20+ years of experience from the kitchens of renowned Asian restaurants along with the knowledge imparted to him from his mother's teachings to his own establishment. Visually the dishes are stunning, like artwork for the palate. Your taste buds will be in for a treat, whether it's the freshness of the sauces, made from scratch, or the subtle and complex flavors you'll discover in the Panang Beef Curry. Each dish is lovingly prepared and presented and each delectable bite are reflections of the love and respect of a wonderful cuisine.

We invite you to come and experience a world of authentic Thai food in an elegant and tranquil setting, where you'll be transported to a taste of Thailand with a warm welcome.

--written by an extremely satisfied customer